Drobo Access and MyDrobo not working / Support not answering

Hello, Drobo Access tells me, my local DNS is not working, but it does. Drobo tells me, all the Drobo Apps are non Drobo Apps. Not true! I asked the support about ports to open and the name of relay servers which drobo tries to resolve. No answer sines weeks.
It slowly becomes a marriage problem. I am running Drobo Pix and added my 3 phones and tablets to it a year ago. No changes in my infrastructure but the drobo updates must have broken the ability to show the QR code to connect a phone to drobo pix, Now my wife has requested to upload her pix as I do it. Looks like Drobo want to upset my wife.

Same story here.
Have been able to use MyDrobo for years until it got broke earlier this year.
Tried to create a new mydrobo account. no avail.
Webinterface tells me drobo access is in maintenance mode.

In my case it turned out that the Drobo changed the internal IP address in my network. I did not do it on intention, I do not remember that I have done it at all, but it was different.
It couldn’t use the firewall exception I created anymore. As soon as I changed the firewall exception to the new IP- Address it started working again. As always only one of many possibilities but it might be an idea for checking.