Drobo Access - 2Gb Upload limit

Hey guys!

Does anyone know on how to deactivate or bypass the 2 Gb Upload limit?
Makes the app useless for me though.
I mean, why is it even activated.

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This will be fixed in a forthcoming release.

The problem is primarily due to PHP problems in Apache


Oh okay! Thank you jasonob!

This isn’t a deliberate limit, it is caused by a limitation in some of the third party library software the DroboAccess DroboApp makes use of. We have resolved the issue and the fix will be available in an update to DroboAccess in the coming weeks.


  • Rod

I still run into this 2GB limit. Is there no update yet? My DroboAccess version is

That is strange. I have no problem uploading files much larger than 2GB.

Would you mind having a look at the file \drobo-5n\DroboApps\DroboAccess\app.htaccess ?

In there you should find a line containing upload_max_filesize and another for post_max_size. Both should be at 17592186044416, which is 16TB.

By the way, is your apache version up to date?

I will check the file mentioned when I get a chance. After posting this I noticed an update available for Apache, so I ran it. Haven’t tested another download yet. I successfully tested a download larger than 2 GB…YAY

It would be helpful if available app updates were more pronounced instead of only showing after the app is clicked on.