Drobo 8D resets regularly

I’m really disappointed in my Drobo 8D. It resets itself every few days. Support indicates that my brand new disk drives are taking longer than expected to respond, thus some write queue backs up, and the result is the Drobo eventually crashing. It doesn’t say the drive is bad, nor take it out of service. It just crashes. Then Mac OS reports the disks weren’t ejected properly. There is no way for me as the end-user to see any indication of a failing drive. The information is hidden away in an encrypted section of the “Get Diagnostics” output. I just get system resets until eventually one day a drive light turns red. Now I can take that drive out of the Drobo, stick it into another device, and do read/writes to every sector successfully. Perhaps there are bad sectors on the disk, and when they are remapped by the disk controller, the original write request takes longer to complete. The Drobo software should be able to handle that, and not reset itself. What is the point of having such a RAID system if it resets itself? It seems that this Drobo 8D will eventually just become a door stop, and the drives will be moved into another RAID enclosure from a different vendor. I can only hope it does a better job than this Drobo 8D.