Drobo 8D failure

Well, it’s finally happened - my 8D doesn’t show up on my iMac, the fans spin up full and there are no indicator lights indicating the Drobo software is active. The on/off switch seems to do nothing.

Fortunately, I bought a four year Asurion plan with the 8D and I have Asurion Home+ - unfortunately, it sounds like Asurion is going to want me to ship the 8D to Williamsville, NY so their shop can fix it.

I have little hope that they’ll have the ability to fix it, but it’s a process - I’ll be replacing the 8D with a Synology DS1821+ which is the closest thing I could find in capabilities - I’ll probably put a 10gb card in the Synology and use an unmanaged 5 port 2.5 or 10gb switch to hook up the Synology, my iMac, and a LAN port on my office satellite.

I figure all I’ll get out of the Synology is 250 MB/sec because of the spinning media which is about what the 8D got - but who knows? Maybe the Synology can do better.

Anyone else have replacement plans for their 8Ds?

– Verne