Drobo 810n - apps in not installing


Just recently installed Drobo 810n and trying to connect it on my HikVision NVR. Unfortunately, The two only recognize connection of NVR is NFS and IP SAN. I tried installing NFS in Drobo however I got error saying “This application failed to install, Please try again” I did try several times but i get the same result.

I did check the following:

  1. IP Address for any conflict on both PC and Drobo.
  2. Check Drobo network(IP,DNS and gateway)
  3. Upgrade to the latest version and firmware.
  4. restarted the drobo.
  5. I did Drobo Reset.
  6. re-insert all 8 hard drive.

I am out of luck. I am hoping someone has the same problem and had a solution. Thank you.

Somehow. Switching the two network cables at the back did solved the problem. It seems the only recognize connection is port 1.
I hope this help to anyone.