Drobo 800i won't mount

I have a Drobo 800i that has been just fine until Saturday and now it won’t mount to my Mac Mini Server.

I can connect a laptop, via USB, and can communicate to it but it still will not show up on the network anywhere. I changed from port #1 to port #2 but no difference. I’m up to date on Drobo Dashboard. I have checked to make sure the box is check for it to be mounted.

Nothing happened Saturday, no upgrades, etc. when it “disappeared”.
Called Drobo and they were no help, out of warranty & told me to head to the forum.

Suggestions? Is this a Mac Mini Server issue or a Drobo issue?


You will need 3 components to establish an iSCSI connection on Mac

Could you ensure that they are working/running?

One thing I have noticed with MAc’s is when you upgrade the software, it wont see the Drobo as it switches off one of the applications in the security settings.
You need to go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy, then the firewall tab. Unlock it (password) by clicking the lock then click the Firewall options button. There are two Drobo apps, DDService64 and Drobo Dashboard. The DDService64 gets switched off. Set it to Allow incoming connections.

Hope this helps!