Drobo 800fs blinking red and green

Hi guys!
I turned my Drobo800fs on, and it showed two warning after a day:
a. Drobo drive fail, and need to be replaced
b. Data protection is running, it was estimated to be 36 hrs

I was able to browse the drobo and copy some of my files after the warning, but after few hours, (1) my access to the Drobo was gone and I could not connect anymore. (2) The estimate time for the data protection was gone. (3) Sometimes that Drobo800fs disappear in the drobo dashboard, but comes back.

I checked the actual drobo and it does not turn off (even it disappears in dashboard), it was also blinking green and red for all the drives, except for the failed drive which only blinks red light.

I replaced the failed drive, but right now it still shows red and green light for all the drives.
The dashboard still does not see that I replaced the failed drive (though in the physical drobo, it blinks green now), and the D800fs still disappear and then appear in it.

Btw, its set to dual disk redundancy.

I have 5D3 with my experinces I would suggest letting it run its course with the replaced fail drive.