Drobo 5Ns sold out?

What’s the story on 5n Drobos being sold out? Is this a temporary thing, or an old product / new product thing?? What are the odds of these coming back in stock?

The Drobo 5N is discontinued. The Drobo 5N2 replaces it and is pretty much the same device but with 2 network connections. The 5N2 has been out of stock for well over a year now. It’s not officially discontinued, but I don’t know when or if it will be back in stock.

Isn’t every model out of stock, and have been for many, many months, which suggests that Drobo is pretty much history and it’s time to start looking at alternatives?

Yah, seems like even the company is in a holding pattern. Seems like the sale to the other company went well. probably for everyone except those of us who have bought Drobos…

Ouch. I sure hope they awaken a bit - there’s not good competitor to this sort of product, and I’d far rather invest a few bucks in a good product than try to go down a DIY path, which unfortunately is plan “B” if I can’t buy product anymore.

It’s unfortunate, but a DIY solution will likely be my next system, too. I managed to pick up a 5N2 that had only been used a few months, since I couldn’t find them new in early to mid 2020. If/when my Drobo stops working, I will probably look into building my own Unraid system.
That said, I hope my 5N2 will last me a long time and Drobo will make me change my mind when I need a replacement. I used my Drobo FS for over 10 years before moving onto the 5N2, so they still have time to win me back. :smiley: