Drobo 5N2 turns off after about 20 seconds

When I turn on my Drobo 5N2, all the Capacity Lights are solid blue and the Health Lights are solid yellow. After about 10 seconds the blue lights disappear and the solid yellow lights stay on for another 10-15 seconds and it will turn off and the system just shuts down. It doesn’t even stay on long enough to launch the Drobo Dashboard to look at anything. I bought another power brick just in case and that didn’t work - same thing. I ejected the drives and powered on the machine but the same thing happened. Is the Drobo 5N2 hosed? Or is there some magically hack/fix that anyone knows of? I read that I can move the drives to another Drobo 5N2 to get back my data but I can’t find any retailer that sells them. I’d hate to drop another $500 for another Drobo 5N2 but if I need to then I guess I have no other option. Ugh … I really want my data back. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!