Drobo 5N2 - mSATA Size


What are the requirements for the mSATA card on the 5N2? Maximum size? Recommendations? Etc. I looked at the oweners manual and didn’t see anything. Thanks.


hi, i had a look on the online manuals, and the section for msata cards on the 5n2 seems to be very similar to the wording on that of the 5n, for example here:

im not 100% sure, though i would currently imagine cards that work in the 5n to also work in the 5n2, but to also bear in mind any incompatibe ones (like sand-force-based ones that didnt work in the 5n, to also not work)

theres also some more info from others too which can be found here:


My 64 Gb Plextor PX-64M5MSATA from my old 5N works but I’m wondering if a larger one would be better. Most of what I can find in the Drobo KB is several years old. I opened a ticket to get an official response. I’ll post the response here.


Here is the response to my question from Drobo technical support.
“You are able to use an mSATA card of any size in the Drobo, even up to the 1 TB size cards.
The Drobo will utilize what it needs to depending on the files it uses.”

Here is the question that I asked.
“Hi. I recently purchased the Drobo 5N2 and want to know what the current guidance is relating to the size/specifications for the mSATA. I checked the forum and the KB and haven’t found anything that looks current. I’m running 4, 4TB drives and would like to purchase an mSATA card that is optimal for my configuration. Thanks.”


No mention of the sandforce controller mSATA cards not being compatible… curious.


I’m running a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB in my brand new 5N2. It’s overkill to have that much space, since I rarely xfer more than several GB at a time before taking a long enough break that the HDDs could catch-up, but at $95 or so, it was just “easy”. Plus, it’s better to have more Flash than too little, so the SSD can swap-out failed cells/etc.