Drobo 5N2 keep shutting down during rebuild


I have a Drobo 5N2 and a couple of days ago something happened and it turned off suddenly. I turned it on again and it worked fine but later it reported two drive as critical (red light). I purchased two drive replacements, and replaced the two. rebuilding (or whatever it’s called when you replace a faulty drive) was under way. it worked all night without a problem, but some time during the day I found it to be tuned off.

I turned it on again and it continue with the rebuilding and after 30 minutes or so I found it to be off again. tried again, off again after a while.

it doesnt seem to be extremely hot (touched the drive fronts).

I generate the diagnostics logs searched for “shutdown” and found a bunch of these messages in the EventLog.bin:

RebootReason: Shutdown because of loss of AC power

but its a bin log, hard to read, and i’m not sure when these events occurred and if they’re indeed related to my issue.

Any idea what could cause this?

Also, can anyone help me understand how to analyze the logs?


From your EventLog: Your Drobo power transformer (connected from the wall socket) maybe faulty and need replacement.