Drobo 5N2 Firmware 4.3.0 and AFP Support (MAC)

Prior to installing this update I’ve been using AFP to mount my Drobo. I was doing this because color tags for files/directories were not supported when mounting using SMB and I make extensive use of those tags. I had submitted a ticket to address the issue and was provided an advance copy of the new firmware. The color tag problem has been fixed in 4.3.0 and I’m now using SMB. I did notice that mounting a share via AFP no longer seems possible after the upgrade. It’s not a problem for me but it’s not mentioned in the release notes and it might catch some users by surprise. I’ve got a request in to the support team to see if this is by design.

System Info:
macOS Monterey 12.2.1
M1 iMac, Intel iMac Pro

The AFP issue is being address, we will update your support case when the solution is ready.

The issue with my Drobo 5N2 not mounting shares via AFP has been resolved in firmware release 4.3.1. I’ve closed my support case with Drobo. Thanks!

Excellent, thank you for the update!