Drobo 5N2 802.3ad setup with Ubiquiti switch/router?

I was pleased to see that 802.3ad link aggregation support was added in release 4.2.2. This change doesn’t seem to have made it to the documentation. I tried doing the obvious thing, selecting 802.3ad on the Drobo, and configuring the ports on the switch (a Unifi Switch PRO 24) as a Link Aggregation Group, but as soon as I enable LAG on the switch, the Drobo becomes inaccessible. If I enable 802.3ad on the Drobo but no link aggregation on the switch, I can talk to the Drobo normally, but I’m not convinced that there’s actually any aggregation happening at all.

Suggestions, insights?

Did you ever get this set up?

No, I never got it to work. I tried again last night, and verified that setting up the ports on the Unifi switch to use LACP just makes the Drobo completely inaccessible.

I’ve been on to Drobo Support in the interim and they’ve identified the bug. They say it’ll be fixed in the next firmware release slated for June at the earliest.

Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

Waiting on this to be fixed as well… Holding off purchasing another 5N2 or going a different direction.

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Still no fix here ?