Drobo 5N - Yellow power light

Just wondering if anyone had experienced the same issue I’m having with my Drobo 5N
I powered up my Drobo 5N today and it got stuck at around the 6th capacity light when booting up.
After 10 minutes at the 6th capacity light, the power light would then turn yellow and all other lights are off.

It boots successfully if I remove all drives

Sounds like a problem with the disk pack rather than with the Drobo itself. The pattern of lights on boot-up is quite intricate and clearly means something to whoever wrote the firmware. It would be nice is mere users were able to interpret the pattern and the point where it gets stuck.

I was able to get the Drobo to rebuild the data on the drives and that resolved the issue

How did you get it to do that? You may be able to help someone in the same situation.

maybe one of the drives became a bit loose (and was detected as a drive being present, but not fully ready during bootup sequence checks) and when you put the drives back in, they were all firmly seated for the next power up & boot sequence…

…but if it got stuck at the 60% mark, it might have gone on to do a rebuild, eventually, though was (interrupted) by the reboots you did, if you see what i mean) :slight_smile: