Drobo 5N with Eero

I have finally downloaded Drobo Dashboard to run on my MacBook Pro runing Catalina. But Dashboard can’t find my drobo, I followed the “No Dashboard Discovery” page but I think that my Eero system might be the problem since I can’t even find the drobo on Eero even though I can still access the data off the drobo. I even disconnected my ethernet cable form the drobo and couldn’t find any difference on the app list.

Has anyone else worked with an Eero system and can help me with this.

Hi there!

I would try to direct connect the Drobo to your MacBook to see if Dashboard can see it. Cut out the Eero altogether, for testing. If it connects there, then you know the Drobo is working, but something is wrong at the network level. Once direct connected, check if your Drobo has a static IP address set that is not within your Eero’s subnet. Try setting it to DHCP and try again. Or set a static IP address in your range.

Also, there have been many discussions about this topic on Reddit. Some people have trouble with IPv4 connections to Drobo on Eero, while IPv6 works just fine. You could try setting it up with IPv6.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help. I directly connected drobo to MacBook and was able to do the firmware update.

I spoke with Eero support staff and they made the drobo IPv6.

now Im trying to see if I can set it for IPv6.

I really want to thank you again. I have spent hours on this problem, but it looks like it is working, and your advice was perfect, just not easy to accomplish. So after I was directly connected to drobo5N with my MacBook Pro I was able to finally get the Dashboard open and update the firmware to 3.5.16 and then another update, version 4.2.1 which was also successful. I finally was able to open tools/network only to find it had an error and couldn’t load previous settings. But by following the Drobo Online User Guide “Adding a Drobo Device by ITs IP address”, opened Dashboard preferences then drobo discovery settings and finally found he IP address and how to set DHCP or connect manually using an IP address. I chose DHCP “enable auto discovery”

The final test was to connect the drobo5N back to the Eero hub and WOW, it works.

This was not easy. It took me an over an hour on the phone with Eero to try everything until they finally agreed to set the drobo to IPv6. I must have restarted my Mac at least 10 times since restarting the Dashboard didn’t work without restarting the MAc. And I kept losing the DAshboard’s connection to the drobo even when it was connected to my Mac.

I do have to add that Drobo made all this more difficult by having wrong update info on their website. I wasted time trying to find the correct versions. I even sent in a support request, but I’m still waiting for a response.

Downloads - Drobo shows Drobo Dashboard 3.0.1 for Mac for drobo5N which should be 3.5.2

And 3.5.12 Firmware when it should be 3.5.16

I’m giving details of what I did to help the next person who might have this problem.

I’m glad it worked, and sorry it had to be so difficult! Let’s hope someone from Drobo takes notice and updates their online documentation.

Update: Actually, I think you may have been looking at the wrong place. The link you shared is for “legacy products”, of which your 5N does not yet belong to. The appropriate location to download the Dashboard is here: