Drobo 5N will not boot up properly following power outage

Following a power outage, my Drobo 5N will not complete the proper boot sequence and is not discoverable via Drobo dashboard:

  • It turns on with solid yellow LEDs along the right side (all 5 bays) and solid blue LEDs at the bottom.
  • It then progresses through a series of waves (from the outsides to the middle) in the blue LEDs along the bottom.
  • After that, it simply sits idle with the solid yellow LEDs along the right, and the small green power light in the lower left corner.

It does the same thing with both a full disk pack and mSATA installed as well as with no disks or mSATA installed. I’m hoping you can help me understand what is wrong with it and how (if) I can fix it in order to access my data.