Drobo 5N went suddenly Tango Uniform

I have two Drobo 5Ns that have served me well for maybe 10 years. Suddenly, one of them went all lights off. It’s not the power brick; Ive tried exchanging the two power supplies and the same Drobo 5N still works but other one does not. Of interest, is the power switch when pressed, won’t stay in the ON position.
Is my problem just a bad switch or is there some sort of internal short circuit?
It it time to dig a deep hole and say a few kind words, or can it be resuscitated ?
Thank you in advance for any help. I have 10 years of family photos and over 350 videos stored on that machine and would very much like to retrieve them.

If you have 2 5Ns, you could put the disk pack from the dead unit into the other (still functional) unit to make a backup to another device. I recommend you do that before you try anything else.

As for the power switch, there are some guides online that show how to replace a faulty fan on the 5N. The power switch is clearly visible right at the bottom of the back plate where the fan is. If you want to troubleshoot the hardware by taking a look at the switch itself (maybe bypassing it), you can check those out. Though it may also be a power delivery issue elsewhere in the hardware (unrelated to the switch itself). At this point, it’s already broken and it’s out of warranty, so there’s not really much to lose.

Good luck!


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