Drobo 5N vs Synology

I know that the 5N has not been released yet, but i wanted to get anyones early opinion or if you have read something somewhere that might help.

I am looking to upgrade my droboFS, I am really sick of the slow speeds and i know that the 5N has said the speed is going to be a lot better but since its not released yet, its hard to tell.

I was looking at getting a synology DS 1512+ but not that the 5N is set to come out, i dont know if i should try it or go with the sinology.

I have heard a lot of great things about the synology box and I’m so disgusted with Drobo that I’m was ready to jump ship, but, this 5N might be a lot better.

Being a Video/Audio editor, i need transfer speed over the network and that is something the FS does not have.

Any comments?


I suggest you read docchris’s .sig. :slight_smile:

Thanks.Ill start searching every thread to find this guys sig…[hr]
OK, Found it…it says

I also have a Synology DS2411+ with 12 x 3TB WD GP and DX1211 with 10 x 3TB WD Red (and yes - they are much better than the green)

Now, i believe that too, and im leaning towards one, but, i dont want to make a mistake and purchase one if the Drobo5N is going to be better/faster.

Since you can just take the drives out of the FS, and put them right into the 5N, this is going to make the transition smooth(so i hope).But, if its not going to be that much better, i might just go purchase the synology box.

Like i said, i know the 5N is not released yet, so its hard to say, i was just hoping some experts here might have some good news they have read

For audio/video use, I’m not sure the 5N’s SSD “booster” is going to help.
I’d look toward bulk raw performance.

5N should hopefully reach wire speed, so the real question will be how it does in comparison with simultaneous access and your typical asset files.

Yea, i guess i should explained my situation better.

I do not edit from the actual drive. I just transfer large files back and forth from it. I still do the editing from a local folder, but then transfer to the NAS for storage. And, as everyone knows, the transfer speeds to/from the FS is painful.

Ahh, okay…
Scratch my reason, but the conclusion still is the same - if you’re just using it as an archive and not repeatedly accessing small files, the SSD cache won’t increase performance. :slight_smile:

Granted, GigE’s only going to get you up to 125 MB/sec anyway, so…

If you don’t have more than one editing bay, a direct-attach unit would potentially give you much faster speed.

Yea, I understand a direct attached storage would give me the ideal speeds, but i need a networked device because of multiple stations plus other stuff.

I love the DroboFS, dont get me wrong. Its perfect for what it does, but my complaint is the same as everyone else that owns one, the speed. I have had it for a few years, on a gigabit network, and Even when i walk in from the nightclub and sync my macbook pro - Slow slow slow… I have read all the articles over the last few years and this is nothing new. This is also what has me thinking about getting a new box. That is why i wanted to go with Synology. I was just about to pull the trigger with one before i seen the new 5N coming out.

The Synology looks to be a great box with great speed. I really love everything about it.

Like said, the only thing holding me back is waiting on reviews of this 5N. I would love to hear people say “This thing is amazing and super fast”, i am just not sure if i will hear that. I dont really know why i want to give drobo another shot because they have not been the best company to work with.

So, before i pull the trigger on this synology box, i just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on the 5N (even if its pre release)…I guess i can wait it out a few weeks and wait for some real world reviews,im just getting impatient

I’m sure docchris will be along soon and will be happy to provide his experience, given he’s had a lot on both sides of the fence.

For what it’s worth I’m doing the same analysis (DS1512+ vs 5N) due to the regrettable app situation on the 5N. I still have one on preorder to get my data off the disk pack (long story), but unless I see movement on the app front I’ll be buying a Synology and moving my drives over. It’ll be a while yet, but I’ll certainly be able to talk about performance then. :slight_smile:

maybe he will soon need some kind of “load balancer” unit too :smiley:

Synology has nice features and speed, at least from what I’ve heard. It’s also nice that they have models that can accommodate “expander” units.

It’d be awesome if I could just daisy-chain all my Drobos together and manage them as one unit natively - not to mention I’d have more protected storage that way.

hi just a note:
i find my drobo units (from even the 4slot-Gen1, almost full using all 4 drives drobo) to be “much much” faster than a directly-attached stand alone drive connected in the same way.
eg, i can work with thousands of tiny files like bytes-sized icons and clipsart etc via usb2, and it is potentially hours quicker than if i try to copy or delete those files using a standard usb2 external drive unit.
(the drobo uses ntfs, and the external drive enclosure uses fat32 but at times it was like trying to delete or copy 100 icons on a flashdrive and took a lot longer than a drobo)

im not sure if we are comparing 2 similar things, but for linear use with 1 action etc, then on the drobo’s everything has been far quicker than a packaged 300GB external powered usb drive.

ah i read somewhere recently that you could thunderbolt several of the new drobo units together in such a way?

note: the packaged usb2 drive doesnt have any problems with things installed on it, or larger files.

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