Drobo 5N Undiscoverable

Having an issue where it does NOT show up on the Drobo dashboard. A few weeks ago when I got it I connected it directly to my old pc via ethernet and it showed up no problem.

I just built a new PC. I connected it to the PC and drobo dashboard will not find it. I connected it to my router and same issue. I connected a different device with the same cable etc and it showed up instantly.

The Drobo powers on and has all green lights. The ethernet connection on the back blinks like data is being sent. So visually it seems like it’s functioning but I just cannot get Drobo Dashboard to connect to it.

Any ideas here?

Drobo Dashboard version 3.3.0. The only thing I can think of is that it’s the new Dashboard version. On the older version it showed up.

Also it seems I have to PAY Drobo to get support on this. So resorting to the forums. Hope someone can help.


Would you try the following:
Trouble Accessing your NAS

Same exact issue here.

The only thing that I can point to as an event was about a week before I lost this drobo in the dashboard, I was upgraded to new firmware.

All the lights are normal and I can ping the device. It just refuses to be found.

I am looking for an answer while trying to come up with a solution to recover data.

I ended up solving my issue. I tried directly connecting it to a different PC and it was discovered. Then I was able to change the settings and Found that my IP setting was set to static and I changed it to auto. I plugged it into my router and boom all of my PC’s on the network were able to see it.

What’s weird is that later I directly connected it to that same PC again and it was undiscoverable. It seems to be really be hit and miss when it is directly plugged into a computer. But I stopped troubleshooting that since I can see it when it is plugged into the router.

Hope this helps.