Drobo 5N to Drobo 5N backup?

I found an old article from 2012 regarding a Drobo to Drobo copy utilizing the CrashPlan app. Currently, what is the best practice today for backing up one Drobo 5n to an offsite Drobo 5n? Do I need to install a third party app to do this? If so, which one is the easiest to b use?

crashplan would work - install it on both Drobos and backup one to the other

hi, if your drobos are connected with a windows computer in the network, you could try one of the tools from the Syncback range. (some are free as well)

ive used syncback tools in several ways (with local / das devices) and still do quite happily, including essentially mirroring almost all of my data from 1 drobo onto another, but synback also supports networks too, so might be worth a look too