Drobo 5N started reboot loop

Looking for some help because drobo support didn’t help and just aimed me here. I just reset my drobo 5n and then put all my data back onto it. 8x8TB drives. I did this because it was always showing 100% space used even when there wasn’t.

So after that, I pulled out the top 8tb and put in a 14tb drive. It started rebuilding and I went away. When I came back a few days later, the drobo 5n was just booting in a loop. It comes up, starts flashing the drives are being rebuilt, sends a message to all my drobo dashboards. then the lights freeze all solid orange and it reboots. And repeat.

I pulled all the drives out and I was able to get the diags, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for in there.

here is what I said to them in the support ticket

I just sat there and watched. It boots doing the blue light countdown.
then comes up with drive 1 red. and no other lights.
then it has drive 4 as red and all the other green.
then flashes green/orange with no blue lights on.
after a minute or so, the lights all go solid orange, all the blue lights are on.
then it reboot.

I’m wondering if the rebuild ever finished… I have the 8TB that I pulled out and replaced with the 14tb still sitting there. I’m also curious if the drive 4 being red before it starts rebuilding means anything… Maybe I could pull the drives and check the SMART via usb dock and then do a block level clone on a bad one?

Since no one replied. I noticed the 4th drive was red at some point. I got a wavlink clone/double docking station. I started it offline cloning to the 8TB which I had pulled out of bay 1 to replace with a 14tb. I also checked all the SMART with a USB adapter using HDDscan. There were some /!\ on some settings for the Bay 4 8TB.

When Bay 4 8TB was finished cloning, I put all the drives back in with the newly clones bay 4 8tb and it started up perfectly.

so wavlink cloner was $21 on newegg. Now I’ll send that 8TB back to WD.