Drobo 5N shutting itself down...

A couple times I’ve found my Drobo 5N in a powered down state without my having shut it down. Not sure what the cause is. So I’m wondering if there’s anything akin to a log that can be reviewed to see what was happening prior to it shutting down?

When you said the Drobo 5N “powered down” state… what do you mean?

a) Total lost of power?


b) Drobo 5N power status LED light is “orange” … - this indicates 5N is on “stand-by” mode.


c) Drobo 5N power status LED light is “red” … - this indicates that 5N has over-heating issue and it auto-shutdown…

I mean it was 100% off and had to be unplugged and plugged back in before it would start. However… there is a chance this is due to a lose power cord. Just trying to see if I can find out if it was anything else.

(interestingly enough, the other day my drobo-S 2nd gen actually turned itself on by itself… i dont know if it was a sign that it wanted to run its data scrubbing/verification, but after powering it up and using it and then shutting down from dashboard, its back to normal and only powering up when i press the power toggle)