Drobo 5N says bad drive, All tests show good

I’ve read enough of the threads to see that the common theme is “well, it went bad for real after a month or so, so it was justified.” Except that I have no other use right now for a 3 TB SeaGate drive that doesn’t work in my Drobo unit.

I’ve run SeaTools on it, passed 100%. Running HDDscan and so far it shows nothing as well.

If no tools show anything wrong, how am I supposed to justify to Seagate that I need a RMA?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I cant speak for seagate… but i have done a LOT of RMAs with WD… and you can pretty much put down any reason you like… when you sedn the drive back they will still send you a replacement. i think all the manufacturers accept they will get a slim propotion of healthy drives being returns as faulty.