Drobo 5N - Red Drive Lights, can't see it in dashboard

I had a used 5N that when booted up with no drives, it doesn’t get detected by the Dashboard, and there’s a single red drive light lit. If I boot it up with 1 or more blank drives, all five red drive lights light up. The blue lights never get past the 3rd one, basically failing on the fourth blue light.

Tried the pinhole reset, which I’ve done with one of my other 3 5N’s and it worked fine, but on this one it does not - same results, and still not showing up on the dashboard.

What’s strange is that I had purchased another used 5N last month, and had the exact same situation (I sent that one back to the seller). Having this happen on two units back-to-back makes me think that something else is going on, but I have no idea what. I have seen similar posts on here but no solutions. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Could you please try updating the Drobo to the newest firmware without any drives in and a new Drobo dashboard then try again. And what type of drives are you using?


Turns out I took the drobo and plugged it into another switch in my house and it came up in Dashboard without drives, checked the specs and all is good. I then put my 5 drives in the unit, powered it on, Did an Erase and Factory Reset, and all is good with the world. So I have a bad switch port in my office.

Well I am happy to hear your issue is now resolved.

You mention single Red Light, is this the power light?

Drobo Lights Meaning

Nope, it was just the first drive light, as I had mentioned in my first post. However, in reviewing additional documentation, that is normal if you power it on with no drives. What wasn’t normal was it not being visible on the network… which was remedied by putting the unit on a different switch on my network. After that, it was working as expected.