Drobo 5N - Recently added 2x 8TB drives - Randomly mapped drive inaccessible

I recently added 2x 8TB drives to my Drobo, I added one at a time and it extended and finished perfectly fine. Once the second one was added the Drobo rebooted and then has been acting funky ever since. It maps the drive perfectly fine at first (P:) drive. Then it randomly disconnects that mapped drive, so my Plex server can’t see that Media. If I try to click the mapped drive it has the red X on it and won’t open. If i open the Drobo Dashboard and uncheck the share drive settings and then check it again, it will connect but now the map drive is being recognized by IP \\share1\XXXX (P:) drive. It’s almost like the DNS for the Drobo name just stops working. I can ping the DNS name of the drobo and get a response perfectly fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please if anyone has any ideas I’ll take them, my next steps were going to be uninstall and re-install drobo dashboard tomorrow hoping it’s not the Drobo itself.

To clarify, I can’t browse to the Drobo by FQDN or Share name. If i use \Drobo5n\Share1 I can’t map to it, but if I use the IP it works fine. The issue with this is I need the name to map correctly without IP. I tried flushing DNS, changing DNS on the drobo. I’m at a loss for ideas on this.