Drobo 5N randomly rebooted, now all drive bays show red

Last night I happened to be sitting near my Drobo 5N when I saw all of it’s light start flashing as if in a reboot (I did not trigger or schedule one). It hung in reboot, with a blinking green power light, and only some of the blue leds lit. I waited several minutes, and no progress was made, so I did a power button reboot (it also didn’t show in the Dashboard). It acted funny a few more times, and then finally it rebooted completely, and all 5 drives showed green. I took a diagnostic dump and went to bed.

When I woke up, all 5 drive bays showed red, and Dashboard said the drives were either in a bad state or not installed (I did not eject them last night). I rebooted several times from the Dashboard, and the situation did not change, although the quantity and bays changed every time as to which was bad or not installed. I’ve taken a new set of diagnostic logs.

My Dashboard and 5N firmware were at the latest versions.

Is there something I can do? Can I swap them into a new 5N2? Any suggestions or watchouts, or particular logs to look at from the diagnostics?