Drobo 5N Plex App connecting to Apple TV 3


I have seen several posts on the forum and done quiet a bit of research online and can’t seem to either figure it out or come to a best solution decision. I have a lot of movies and music. All of the files are in .mp4 file format - DRM Free and all of the music is in ,M4A / AAC format. It is my understanding no transcoding will be needed. My issue is that I tired of having all of these files teether to one specific computer to stream to the Apple TV via home sharing. It would make much more sense to take advantage of the plex app installed on the Drobo and stream directly to the Apple TV (if this is possible)

I am not opposed to purchasing / upgrading to Apple TV 4th generation or newer if necessary. It is my understanding that the newer apple tv’s have an App Store and allow you to download the plex app. Has anyone used this setup essentially like a plug in play? How does it perform? Any lag or issues I should expect to experience, since my files are formatted with no encoding needed? I don’t want to make an expensive investment if it is not going to do what I needed.

The other option was to purchase a 10tb stand alone external hard drive and keep it tethered to a computer and stream like I had been doing before. I just figured since I have 15tb in the Drobo, this seems like a redundant measure that is wasteful. Especially since it gives me no cover if the drive fails and I loose everything.

I tried the whole hijack the Trailers App on the Apple TV 3 but it doesn’t appear to work. I am guessing Apple did away with this measure during an upgrade in the firmware at some point. Therefore I a open to any suggestions the community has to offer.


I figured this out,…So the Apple TV 3rd generation is not Plex compatible especially after updating to the newest firmware and because you can not install Apps like on the Apple TV 4 & 5. Apparently they took the ability to highjack the trailers app out of the loop…So, that being said, I was faced with the option of purchasing new Apple TVs or the route I choose, buying a bigger external drive and a Mac Mini to make into a media center and still utilize all of the old Apple TVs. This seem route seemed to save me about $150, since Apple is really proud of the their new setup.