Drobo 5N not starting up - 5 not-flashing yellow lights


This morning my Drobo 5N was not mounting up, in dashboard I see no drobo at all.
When I looked at the device, it just showed 5 yellow lights, no fan and no drive spinning. When I shut it down and turned it on again, same as before.
Then I removed the drives, turned it on, then reinserted the drives-> after a few seconds they spun up, but not the fan. after a while, I almost hoped it would work now - suddenly all drives fell silent and the yellow lights went on again.
If the device is faulty - could I get a new Drobo and reinsert the drives? Would it have to be a 5N or could it be a 5C or 5N2? Or is the data gone now?


I suggest opening a support ticket. You might need a replacement device (5N or 5N2, the others won’t work), but that might not be your answer. In any event, your fan not working is definitely a problem, and while it might just be a fan failure, it could be motherboard or other issues.