Drobo 5N - No permission: Can't move, add, nor delete files


For the past month or so, my Drobo 5N won’t let me add new files, move files, nor delete files but I can see everything. All I get is this message: The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items.

All 4 drives are healthy and I have lots of space (used = 33%).
I think I’m running the current firmware (4.1.4).
I think I’m running the current Dashboard.
Both shares are mounted, connected, and user “Everyone” has read/write access to the shares.
Same message in both Windows and MacOS environments (don’t have permission).
The machine has been rebooted a few times just in case.

I’ve reached out to Drobo Support, but not only am I out of support, I can’t even purchase support because the machine is too old.
Any suggestions on how to get things working properly again?