Drobo 5N no network connection

Having some issues with my Drobo 5N. Lost my router a few weeks ago. New router is up and running but I can’t get the Drobo to connect to the network. Router showing no connection, Laptop connected directly shows link going up and down. Drobo connected directly to a hub gets no link light. I see no lights on the back of the drobo (not sure if I am supposed to see lights here). Hub showing no link at all. Drobo would boot fine and showes all drives on green and blue capacity lights are correct but no green light to the far bottom right on drobo. I just pulled all drives and tried the reset button next to the power button now I have one green bottom left one red on top right as no drives are installed and still no link lights. Obviously don’t want to loose data and don’t want to try to much as Drobo has little to no support for these issues?

Have you tried a different network cable?

Yes several that I know work, also tried to simply link to a hub, and direct connection to the laptop. The connection would try to link and then go no cable over and over. At this point I am pretty sure the network ports are not working on the Drobo itself. Just trying to find out what the best procedure is at this point so as not to loose my data and get back up and running.