Drobo 5N no longer mounts; no drive lights

My Drobo 5N no longer starts up properly. It doesn’t seem to appear on the network, with or without drives. Most troubling, I see no lights in the drive bays – after turning it on, the animated light sequence occurs as usual, but then it finally settles to showing no lights – except for the solid green Power light in the bottom left.

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuA_clwr22c

I’ve tried taking the drives out and booting, also direct connecting to my computer, but nothing seems to work.

Hoping to access the data; I’m assuming the drives are all still good.

Any tips?

Its possible the drive controller itself has failed to some degree

in theory everything is safely on your drives

but you would need to put them into another 5N to access the data / test that

Yeah that’s what i figured as well. I’m hesitant to buy another 5n though.

I have an old Drobo FS – anyone know if it’s possible to move the drives backwards (I’d assume not)

hi i dont remember hearing about any backwards migrations.
if youre still covered by drobocare they might be able to send you a replacement, but i dont think you should try a backwards swap just yet, at least not until you have a backup of the drives, or can find some other success stories about it.

Backwards compatibility is not possible

thanks docchris