Drobo 5n networking problem

hi, i have a drobo 5n hooked up to an ethernet network

worked fine until a few months ago when it started disappearing etc, then re-appearing

now when i try to find it i just get a message saying something like ‘5n can’t be found right now’ or something like that

i know the drobo is working as if i hook it direct into the mac it’s fine but alas the mac has just one ethernet port so i cant have it hooked direct most of the time so i need it working through the network ideally

i’ve even bought a new ethernet switch in case that was the prob but it doesn’t seem to be as everything else is working fine

it’s a total nightmare tbh

any idea what the problem might be?[hr]
the exact message i’m getting is:

there was a problem connecting to the server “drobo5n”

the server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again

Have you tried a different patch cord?

what’s a patch cord? the ethernet cable is it?

Yes, the cable connected to the Drobo.

yeah, tried that alright

dunno what the hell the prob is, hugely frustrating

anyone any ideas? total nightmare with it not working :frowning:

hi jim,
if the 5n seems to work ok when connected directly to the mac, it might be something in the new switch that is causing the problem… do you have any way of checking some switch settings or configs, to see if it is somehow actting like a firewall and blocking the drobo?

(some routers can also show a mini firewall log, which could help, though am not sure if you can access your router/switch in a web browser, maybe via ?)