Drobo 5N Mount Disappearing Act


Been using my new Drobo 5n since about April of this year. Its been working fairly well for my purposes which is media storage and streaming (Plex App.) I have noticed on both Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit everyone once and a while Windows will tell me it can’t connect to the drobo mount. If I click on it a few times it will work (like its waking up?). I thought maybe it was a sleep function and didn’t think much of it.

Then today…

I was backing up an external hard drive to the 5n. It was about 400 gigs worth. I tasked it and the transfer began I didn’t think much of it. Came back about 30 minutes later and the transfer had been interrupted because the drobo mount had disappeared!? I’ve seen similar threads without clear resolution. What the heck is going on here? Why have a NAS if its going to drop out in the middle of transfers? I’ve started a ticket with drobo but I was wondering if anyone could shine a light on this.

hi do you know if there are any services running on windows that are on a schedule?
i think services take preference over normal programs, and maybe something like a scheduled scan or indexing, is causing a conflict?

might also be good to check your power settings in control panel, just in case a setting there is also affecting it?

Random disconnect of network drive…

Maybe you want to check the cabling … a faulty or no good cable may cause slow transfer rate as well as random disconnection. There is a fellow user in this forum… previously having disconnection and slow transfer rate… in the end it was found that his network cabling crimping was no good.

I had same issues, trying to restore almost 8tb from a backup, it would disconnect at random times, so I spent $5 on a new network cable and touch wood it hasn’t happened since.

cool, hopefully that can fix it for wwusa too

Thanks for the replies. The wrinkle is the computer is connected via AC wireless. The router and my computer are about 15 feet away.

Try using a piece of cable and see if it improves. Wireless, though convenient, is no substitute for a wired connection when trying to troubleshoot. It’s a big layer of complexity and unreliability and it’s subject to interference and components powering down to save energy.