Drobo 5N is slow

Hey Guys,

can you help me with some advice?
First i want to apologize for my bad english.

I got a new Drobo 5N and this weekend i had the time for the setup.
I just installed the drives and everything like they said in the instructions.
Now i have 2 times a 4TB Seagate IronWolf HDD in the Drobo 5N.
But the speed of the system is just at a maximum of 10 MB/s.

The NAS is directly connected to my router which is working fine.
The router dosnt seem to be the problem i can surf the internet and the data trasferrate dosnt change at all staying between 5-10Mb/s all the time.
Copying from two computers slows it all down to 600 KB/s …

Greetings from Germany


Sounds like your 5N is connected via 100Mbps link. You need 1Gbps link for much faster data transfers.

Yeah i thought that too… but i checked it and the interface on the router says its a gigabit interface :confused:

I just made a manual update to the firmware 3.5.12 lets see if that changes anything.

And i ll try another network interface

any other possibilities ?

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Nic interface on my router was set on 100 MB/s … dont know why :smiley:

Ty for your help and sorry for the work you had.

(cool he helped you get more bytes out of your setup - bytec by name, bytec by nature) :smiley: