Drobo 5n Is not Recocgnized windows 10

After Windows 10 Home update 5/7/2021 Computers can no longer find Drobo from Drobo Dashboard. Using latest Firmware and dashboard software.

Hi there, @Chinze !

Sometimes an update might restore some Windows Firewall rules, so you may want to check if the appropriate ports are open for Drobo Dashboard to communicate. IIRC, DD communicates on port 5000, so that’s something to look into. Otherwise, reinstalling the Dashboard might automatically restore the firewall exceptions.

Another thing to check is SMBv1. Windows 10 has been slowly but surely phasing out SMBv1 in favour of SMBv2/v3. If your Drobo was connecting via SMBv1, you may no longer be able to access it.

Finally, if you are completely unable to find the Drobo via the Dashboard, you can try to connect it directly to your PC with no router/swithc in between and see if DD can find it that way. You might have to change your network card’s settings for this to work. Once you can connect to it, see if the network settings of the Drobo are correct.