Drobo 5N, increasing capacity with mixed drives

I currently have a Drobo 5N filled with five (5) Western Digital Red 4TB at 5400 RPM.
I’m red-lighting on drive 1, i.e. reaching capacity.
I was recently gifted a Western Digital Black 8TB at 7200 RPM.
Q1: Can I replace one of the 4TB Reds with this 8TB Black?
Q2: Can I buy a second 8TB Black and replace another 4TB Red?
Q3: Is it OK to mix capacities?
Q4: Is it OK to mix RPMs?

Answers to your questions:

Q1: yes
Q2: yes - if your Drobo has identified it is getting short on replicated space it will accept your first 8TB but soon after request you replace another 4TB - ideally with another 8TB to replicate the available space on the first 8TB - then you get full access to all the storage capacity on your 8TBs.
Q3: yes
Q4: yes, but you do not get any benefit from faster drives if slower drives exist in the array.

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Thank you!