Drobo 5n housekeeping?

A few days ago I removed a 2T drive and replaced it with a 4T. It “appears” to be housekeeping… not sure. How can I tell if my drobo is actually “DOING” something or “STUCK IN A LOOP” . I have the latest firmware (updated around drive swap time) in the 5N and Drobo Dashboard. Since the Drobo had received its new drive, it has not shown up in my Explorer nor Drobo Dashboard. I have confirmed it is connected to the modem/router. At the moment I see a repeating pattern of the lights on the front panel… All yellow drive lights, all blue storage lights and green power light. Then they all go dark only to come back the same without the power light. Likewise again with Yellow drives color dance with power and the blue lights are dancing as if the Drobo is just turned on. Then mostly back to the original pattern. Every once in a while I will see all Green drive lights and 3 or 4 of the first blue lights. I will also see Drive 0 only with a Red light followed by all 5 bay lights green…Confusing sequence… is it just not completed “healing”? and how long do you suspect it will take? Drive 0 is the replacement bay, 4T.

How long things take depends to an extent how much data is on there vs how much free space, how big the drives are, & if they’re 5400rpm or 7200.

Yes that sounds like a “confusing enough to contact support about” sequence if you’re still in support, you might be able to tell something yourself from the diagnostic logs, if it was showing in dashboard to get them, afraid I don’t know how, that’ll take someone else or contacting support for guidance.

Since it all happened after replacing a drive, I’m curious to know what drive, make & model, manufacturers are sneaking SMR into drives more & more & Drobos don’t like that technology, smaller WD Red (as opposed to Red Plus or Red Pro) drives of recent manufacture are a particular problem in that regard.

No… I am out of support. I think I will put the 2T back in place of the new 4T. will see if it does something recognizable. Thank you for the Reply.

The drive is a WD Enterprise-class. with a Re yellow indicator on the bottom of the ID tag. The 2t I was removing is a Green if I recall, I already placed it in the drobo