Drobo 5N Host VM For AeroFS?

This may be absolutely insane but AeroFS has a private cloud VM image that I would like to try to run on the Drobo 5N which may or may not be possible with QEMU which I found Ricardo mention here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2494

Would QEMU run on the Drobo 5N? If so where can I get that cross-compile to give this a shot?

It would of course be great if AeroFS just made an ARM client but they don’t as far as I know.

Here is the link to the AeroFS Private Cloud: https://www.aerofs.com/features/deployment/private-cloud

hi stephen, how are the icons coming along?
(i wasnt sure whether to posts this or not, but the 1st thing that came into my mind when i read your subject line, was of the aero chocolate bar) :smiley:

im not sure if it will work, but im sure ricardo would have a good thought or two.

Haven’t made any new ones lately (been busy) got any ideas?
Had to look that chocolate bar up, similar one here from Hershey, full of air to save them money on chocolate hahaha

Yeah I know the Drobo has limited resources and to load a VM on top of that might just be insane.

(possibly something for the drobo gen3?) :slight_smile:
edit, maybe 3 drobos next to each other)

That would be a lot of horizontal elements for a square icon … The Gen 3 doesn’t have a different design style but I could add an additional icon to the existing sets that says “Generation 3” or “Gen3” something like that.

Well this might be DOA, according to the Wiki entry the VM requires 1.5GB of RAM


yikes thats a lot of ram. (unless ricardo has some way to trick the app into using drobo space as temp swapfile ram) :slight_smile:

ok no worries about the icon for gen3, i just got 5D (though will take me a bit to set it up and start using) but will look through your existing icon set for a suitable icon in due course am sure - just like i did for my drobo-s :smiley: