Drobo 5N has ALL red lights but NEW drives

About a week ago, Bay 4 had a drive go bad. Before I could replace it, all 5 of my drives went Red. Bays 1, 4 and 5 were all solid red and Bays 2 and 3 were flashing red. My dashboard could not find my Drobo. I was able to buy one new drive locally and replaced the drive in Bay 4 since that was the original problem. After a while, it went from flashing red to solid red; still had solid red on Bays 1 and 5 and flashing red on Bays 2 & 3.

I just shut down my Drobo, removed all the drives, rebooted and the dashboard was able to find the Drobo. During that time, I made sure the firmware and dashboard are up to date. I then shut down the Drobo, reinstalled all 5 drives back into their designated bays and restarted the Drobo. Now all the lights are red but the dashboard was able to connect. It shows that all of the drives are red but they all show Good Health.

Nothing happened prior to any of this happening. Any ideas on what to do? It’s not a lack of space…I have 36TB of space in my 5 drives.

ETA after typing this out, I looked at my dashboard again and saw that it did not see my Drobo. I looked at my Drobo and it was off. I did not turn it off so don’t know how it got turned off.

Hi! Can I ask if how many disk redundancy your Drobo currently has? Because Drobo is always protecting the data on your drives so it seems it shutdown automatically to prevent data loss. Also, you should replace failed drives one at a time to prevent data loss.

What % full does the Dashboard say it is at?