Drobo 5N - Firmware

I have a 5n drobo that was working normally, it turns out that after running the 3.5.12 firmware update I was unable to access Drobo anymore. All the lights turned green, including the bay that has no HD. After that, I can no longer access my drobo. I’d like to know what procedure I should do to fix my drobo and re-access.

I ask for help on what to do, because I live in Brazil and there is no support here to help me. The problem occurred after updating the firmware.

Note I’m using google translate to write the text.

I have found that using the connect smb://Drobo5N/… no longer works since the last round of upgrades. I replaced “Drobo5N” with the IP address and can access it again. I have my router set to DHCP assign the address of the Drobo from it’s Mac address so I know it will always be the same.

This is OK for me as I am a retired IT person, but for my friends who have Drobos which I have installed for them it is not easy to teach them over Skype!

I tried to use smb: // Drobo5N for my macbook but I did not get it at all. If you can help me thank you very much, because I live in Brazil and do not have support here

hi were you able to try using ip addres instead, like gurgeh50 posted?

if you can speak or understand spanish, you might be able to use the support like for spain here:
(i know its not the same language but it might work) :slight_smile:

if you are still in support though, then you can try using the support portal from drobo.com to create an online ticket, and they should still be able to help you (it just would not be in real-time, but it could still be good to do, because there might be a problem with your drobo that might need diagnosing)

Just a thought: the default name for 5Ns is not “Drobo5N”, but “drobo-5n”. Please give that a try.