Drobo 5N Failure, Recovery Advice

Hello All,
I recently experienced a Bay 3 HDD failure. After waiting for the recovery process to complete, I attempted a disk replacement with two brand new disks (same exact size, model, etc.), but neither was recognized. I tried the same in bays 4 & 5 since they were unused, with same result. I restarted the 5N from the dashboard and it never came back, and I now suffer from the seemingly common single red light no drives detected issue I’ve seen in a number of other posts here.

The good news is, I have two 5N’s because I wanted redundancy. The bad new is, I am my own worst enemy because I never automated a copy between the two, and I am out of date with manually ensuring the data matches on both Drobo’s, so I need to recover data on the failed Drobo.

Is there an official Drobo document for how to appropriately move HDD’s from one Drobo shell to another without losing data?

There is somewhere, but as long as they’re both up to date on firmware it amounts to:
Shut down, remove from one insert into the other & start up.
With the caveat: Don’t mix up the order they were in, certainly that landed you in bother with older firmware if you did I think newer firmware can sort it out if you mix the order, but don’t quote me & don’t chance it. & absolutely don’t mix drives from one set with ones from another.

“Same exact size & model” sometimes catches people out… OLD WD Red drives were CMR new ones are SMR. SMR drives don’t work in Drobos.

Thanks for the reply.

I actually contacted support (even though mine are no longer supported) and they replied with how to do it, which is basically what you said.

Yes, I did find those threads about the new shingled drives, but this is not the case for me. I think my Drobo just sh*t the bed in my case.

Anyway, thanks again for the info. Appreciate it.