Drobo 5N Dynamic DNS Client Updater?

Is there a Drobo app that handles Dynamic DNS client updating? I think there was one for the DroboShare back in the day but I’m looking to have my machines turned off most times and having a client running on the Drobo 5N would be helpful.

This would be a nice app idea, however a lot of routers handle this duty.

The Airport Extreme used to be able to do this but it got taken off in an update. This is the one that was used before:


Can that be compiled to be used on a Drobo 5N?

There are probably even better clients nowadays. And yes, they can be compiled for the 5N/FS.

I run ddclient on my Mac Mini; it’s just a perl script with no module dependencies, so it may run with the 5N’s perl DroboApp.

I run ddclient as well, but having an app dedicated on the 5N would be super. Don’t have the chops to compile/test/debug, but if anyone can get an app that will tap into dyndns (or dns-o-matic/opendns), that would be super!!! :slight_smile:

I am still new to this. How would I set this up?