Drobo 5N disconnects

My Drobo 5N is connected to my router via ethernet. My Mac is also hard wired to the router. The Drobo disconnects from the computer every day. After the disconnect, the computer is connected as a Guest, rather than as my user name. The backup fails every time. Does anyone know how to keep my Drobo connected to my Mac? Thanks.

hi kinnear,
can i check if there is anything else that you are aware of that is also happening each day?

for example, is there any auto reboot that is happening each day to the router, or anything else you can spot?

Paul: Thanks for the response. I do not see anything that is happening every day. Drobo Dashboard lists uptime in excess of 31 days, so I do not think that any reboots have been happening.

Oddly, the Drobo seems to have remained connected over the past 3-4 days. I cannot understand why it was disconnecting and cannot understand why the disconnections have stopped. Nothing has changed with the router or with the Mac from which I am accessing the Drobo.

thanks for the info,
while its nice to hear that its been ok recently, a few things come to mind…

  • maybe a cable is slightly faulty (in that if it gets moved it might not connect properly and be an intermittent fault)?

  • we recently had some power related posts, where some power management / power saving / hibernation settings were causing a loss in connection. i think that was for usb-power, but maybe there are some settings that you could check on your hardware/computer in case it is impacting things in some way?

I do not believe that it is a cable issue since I never move the Drobo and very rarely move the computer.

I have wondered whether the automatic sleep function of my Mac might be the issue.

[quote=“kinnear3, post:5, topic:141846”]I have wondered whether the automatic sleep function of my Mac might be the issue.

Might be worth turning the sleep function off for a while and see if the issue still happens.

ah yes a process of elimination of some variables as dragon mentions is good to try