Drobo 5N disconnecting under Mac 10.12 (Sierra)

Our Drobo 5N is not maintaining a connection with our Macs running 10.12. It is working fine with all Macs not running 10.12. We have upgraded to the latest firmware and latest version of Drobo Dashboard on all machines.

When we try to open a file from the Drobo using Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, or Excel, the app will freeze and the Finder will freeze as well. We must then Force Quit the app and Relaunch the Finder.

Is anyone else having this problem? Have a solution?

hi, do you know if the other macs are possibly connecting to the drobo in a particular way, and if the mac version 10.12 computer is using a different method?

for example maybe if all the other ones use smb and the 10.12 is using afp, maybe trying to connect from that computer with the same smb protocol as the others could help?

can i also check if dashboard on the 10.12 is able to see the actual drobo, or are dashboard and computer both unable to connect to or recognise the 5n?

According to the technical support personnel…AFP is not supported and you have to use SMB to mount the shares through the Drobo Dashboard.

I have the same problem running 10.12 and both of my 5Ns are running the latest version. The problems they say that have been fixed with the latest version…actually haven’t been fixed.

hi nmbrown,
sorry to hear youre still getting some disconnects… did you get a chance to see a question for you on this thread?

For 2 years from July 2017 thru July 2019 I had this problem along with some others. I solved it by manually connecting to the share using the afp protocol. The smb protocol used by the Dashboard just didn’t work.

For more details see: Mac Drobo 5N file copy problem