Drobo 5N directory incorrect in ssh

With the aid of DroboPorts, I’m intending to use sabnzbd which requires python via ssh. I’m running into issues in ssh following commands from DroboPorts beginning by installing Dropbear and wget.

Once I’ve logged into via ssh, the default directory is /mnt/DroboFS and cd’ing to /mnt/Drobo5N gives me this message, for instance “can’t cd to /mnt/Drobo5N/Shares/DroboApps/”

Dropbear and wget installed in the Drobo5N DroboApps directory, not in any DroboFS directory.

Why is there a DroboFS referenced on my Drobo5N, where I’ve never seen FS in any other location? And how can I make the Drobo5N directory valid and accessible?

I’m pretty sure that the “DroboFS” directory in the path /mnt/DroboFS/ has nothing to do with device types. It stands for “Drobo Filesystem.”

I’ve had an FS, I have a 5N now, and there is one of the iSCSI business models floating around at work somewhere. They all have /mnt/DroboFS/…

There is, and maybe this is misleading, a symlink of /mnt/DroboNAS/ and also /mnt/Drobo5N/DroboNAS/, both pointing to /mnt/DroboFS/. I’m sure they are used by the system. As for everything you need, even as an advanced user is beyond /mnt/DroboFS/Shares… except for /tmp/DroboApps/… There is nothing for you under /mnt/Drobo5N.

Hope it helps.