Drobo 5n constant loss of connectivity, SSH / dropbear fails as well

Hello everyone! I purchased a Drobo5n a little under 3 years ago, and it was mostly great until about a year ago.

Complaint: I cannot keep an SSH connection live long enough to pull my data from the Drobo. I keep getting an error through WinSCP usually within 30 seconds of beginning a file copy. WinSCP error

I tried going through the basic google-fu, and I am reasonably comfortable going through the CLI on the Drobo (and Linux in general), but I found that even when I was SSH’d directly to the Drobo (installed the Dropbear app on the Drobo back when it was working ‘better’) The connection is broken even when just sitting idle at a prompt for a few seconds.

I have been unable to determine what the triggering event is, as the disconnects seem to happen without rhyme or reason. I have confirmed that SElinux is in permissive mode, and when I pulled logs via the Drobo Dashboard I was unable to find anything that was indicative of the problem (at least that was indexed on Google).

After investing more than 50 hours into troubleshooting and attempting to diagnose the problems with this unit, I decided to just bite the bullet, purchase Drobo support and have the experts tell me where I was going wrong. Unfortunately for me, Drobo isn’t selling drobocare / support for my model anymore despite it being less than 3 years old: FML.

So I went to Reddit, and scoured the Drobo board there. No luck. Now I’m hoping the community here might have seen a problem like this, or someone who is more familiar with the drobo OS and its interaction with Windows systems might be able to help me out.

The error that I get from WinSCP when I try to reconnect:WinSCP_error_2

The connection is refused if I try to reconnect, but it could work when I try it 30 seconds later, or 10, or not for 15 minutes (rough values - not timed). The error is always in that “Connection Refused” vein, and makes me think there may be a problem with how my local PC (Windows 7) is trying to communicate and connect with the Drobo.