Drobo 5N cannot be discovered on Dashboard

Hi - I had some issues with 5N last week in particular the DroboApps and so I went on a clean up removing apps I didn’t use. After uninstalling a few succesfully I got to Apache which would not uninstall and kept on hanging. As a result I rebooted my 5N. Upon reboot I can now no longer find the Drobo.
All status lights and capacity seem to be in line with the storage use prior to the issue with DroboApps and so I feel my data is there but I cannot get to it because it cannot be seen. I have uninstalled Drobo Dashboard on Mac and Windows multiple times to no avail. I can see the Drobo on the network when I see what is connected to the switch.

Please help ! Drobo Support has told me to buy another one to migrate the disk pack but getting another Drobo seems a bit drastic as all indications point to the device still working.