Drobo 5N Apps Don't Start On Reboot

I have 2 Drobo 5N’s and after a reboot sometimes some apps will not automatically start. On Drobo 5N 1 ProFTPd sometimes won’t auto start but I can manually start it after a reboot fine and it works. On Drobo 5N 2 Plex sometimes won’t auto start but again I can manually start it and it works. I checked the .servicerc file and the apps are set to enabled, is there somewhere else I should look? The logs don’t seem to offer any clues.

hi steven,
i was just wondering how you actually manually restart those apps? (is it via dashboard, or do you run a particular command after logging into the drobo?)

if it’s a command, then maybe there is a way to invoke it like a startup script (but try to wait a bit to check other thoughts just in case that has to be done in a certain way)

Yes, I (re)start it manually from the Dashboard under the Drobo Apps menu. I’m sure the Drobo is doing something to fire up each app on boot but I’m not sure beyond the .servicerc file and logs where else to look.

ok thanks,
maybe from the time it was working, something has changed since then, such as a firmware update, app update or dashboard update?

you could try uninstalling/removing an app that used to always start up reliably, and then reinstall it again to see if it fixes things, but maybe only to do that on a trivial app (or to even just first install a basic low-requirement app, to see if it always starts up before trying the removal/addition?)