Drobo 5N 16TB limit

Hi all,
Is there any way to overcome 16TB limit? I am on the latest firmware 3.3.0 with 5 x 6TB HDD in bay. The total available space is 21TB, but 5 TB is unallocated. My total data is 15TB and there is less than 900BG space left. Looks like 5N will accept 6TB but won’t full utilize it with the 16TB limit. Should I go back to 4TB HDD and use these 6TB on other products? Thanks for advise.

There currently isn’t a way to overcome the 16 TiB limit. The best use of the unallocated space might be to enable dual disk redundancy. That’s what I’d do - in fact it’s what I have done, though I have five 5 TB drives, not 6 TB.

Good to see this particular question has finally been settled - although very, very poorly. :frowning: I don’t suppose Drobo has updated the storage calculator to be honest?