Drobo 5Dt won't turn on. When plugged in fan runs on full power

Today I dismounted my Drobo 5Dt from my Mac laptop and the fan started up very loudly. I left it for 5 minutes but needed to power it off from the wall to stop the fan spinning.

Now when the power supply is plugged in the fan starts up at full speed, but I cannot get the Drobo to power up. No green lights, no other lights at all (on the front or on the power button at the back).

The power supply brick is a solid green light.

I would try to migrate to a new system but I am unsure of the firmware version I was running and would be unable to update it on the old system as I have no access.

How on Earth do I get access to my data? Help would be greatly appreciated as I haven’t done a backup in a while and am quite panicked by this. I have tried Drobo support but they don’t seem to know what is going on …

Thank you!

I am facing the exact same problem. Did you find any solutions?

same problem. happened out of the blue.

Does it boot normally & show up in dashboard if you try powering on with all the drives removed?
(shut it off & remove power before removing or re-inserting all the drives)
Above is safe to try.

If not, try powering on (drives still removed) while holding both the power & pinhole reset buttons in.

If either gets it up, power off & try a normal start-up with the drives back in.

If it boots up either way empty but not loaded, try a new PSU.

If it won’t boot either way empty, it’s almost certainly time for a replacement unit.